Friday, October 06, 2006


Hey..what fun..I am a Java programmer and I get to work on ASP.Yeay!!!!. Anyway, that i not what I am here to talk about. I got a chance to work on AJAX for one of the screens. Thought it might be a monster that I am encountering...but it was not as bad. I could successfully finish one screen with AJAX in a day. w3schools website really did help. What ever be your language...w3schools has a tutorial for it..

I did encounter a small issue when working with AJAX(remember it is all within my ASP application). Getting back to the problem...once I had a screen with components being populated through AJAX and then went on to the next screen from there...if I hit the back button on the browser I could not get these components back...scratched my head for a day,pulled my hair for another couple of days and wallah...found the solution....remember I still am talking of an ASP application...
The url when you hit the back button would hold the information of that page when you last visited it...and you can call back your AJAX method to re-populate it...
Was not really that great a problem afterall.


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you dont seem to have a name or title for this page; iron that out.

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